Stormlight Archive Wiki
Biographical information
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Gender Male
Status Alive
Abilities Surgebinding (Skybreaker)
Appears in Oathbringer

Zedzil is a Skybreaker squire under the tutelage of Master Warren.[1]

In the game of targeting other trainees with pouches of differently colored powders (which is part of their training), Zedzil falls in behind Szeth, holding a pouch in each hand.[1]

Zedzil follows as Szeth shoots upward like an arrow, but when he tries to throw a pouch at Szeth, the wind is too great. The pouch falls backward immediately, striking Zedzil on his own shoulder.[1]

Szeth then drops into a dive, and Zedzil follows until Szeth snatches a green bag from a pole and tosses it over his shoulder, hitting Zedzil again. The younger man curses, then shoots away to find easier prey.[1]


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