Winds Pleasure

Wind’s Pleasure
Painting by krhart

The Wind's Pleasure is a ship captained by the trader Tozbek. It is a narrow, single-masted vessel, barely large enough for its captain, his wife, Ashlv, and its crew, including the sailor Yalb.

Shallan, in her pursuit of Jasnah, sailed aboard the Wind's Pleasure from town to town for the better part of six months, starting at Dumadari and finally arriving at Kharbranth.[1]


The Wind's Pleasure was a ship that had been cared for, owned by Tozbek and his father before him. It was an old ship, but not ancient. Reliable. A proud ship. Loved.[2]

With Tozbek at the helm, the vessel was launched from Kharbranth, with Shallan and Jasnah (Shallan's mentor) aboard in an effort to reach Jasnah's uncle Dalinar on the Shattered Plains.[3] While aboard the ship, an assassination attempt (orchestrated by the Ghostbloods) is made on Jasnah along the coast of the Frostlands. With Shallan's increasing Lightweaving ability, her mentor's dilemma belowdecks is effectually masked by her in an illusion. Jasnah's ultimate disappearance from the ship leaves Shallan in a position whereby she is forced to fend for herself whilst still aboard.[2]

"Pattern ... we're going to Soulcast the bottom of the ship and sink it." [2]

The ship had carried passengers for years. It was an old ship, still reliable ... and proud. To Shallan, it manifested as a sphere. A ship that could think ... or reflected the thoughts of the people who served on it, knew it.[2]

From within Shadesmar, with Pattern's guidance, Shallan grasps the sphere of the Wind's Pleasure and coaxes it into changing.[2]

''I need you to change, ... ". "No," the reply came. "No, I cannot. I must serve. I am happy." [2]

The ship had wanted to remain as it was, reinforced by its years of service. Still, Shallan convinced it to change as a last service for its crew, who were being massacred by the Ghostbloods in order to kill Jasnah. The Wind's Pleasure was thus sunk by Shallan - and Pattern - when convinced it would be doing its crew one last service to save them.[2]


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