Sketchbook whitespine

Artwork from Shallan's sketchbook
Drawing by Ben McSweeney

A Whitespine is a "reptilian creature, as big as a horse but with carapace across its back."

Whitespines are large predatory creatures known to attack humans. A den of the creatures caused trouble near Kaladin's hometown of Hearthstone, attacking travellers on occasion.[1]

The beasts are hunted for sport by lighteyes. The City Lord of Hearthstone, Roshone, along with his son Rillir and two townsfolk, hunted the beasts. The hunt went poorly and all hunters were injured. Both Roshone and Rillir sustained severe wounds, most caused by the whitespine's tusks, which had broken off into Rillir's abdomen and Roshone's leg. Rillir, and likely the two townsfolk, died of their injuries.[2]


Shallan described one specimen she observed in captivity as having a square face with sharpened mandibles and large tusks and claws. The tooth-like tusks grow in two pairs on either side of the upper jaw pointing downward.

The tusks are highly prized as trophies. Artisans engrave the surface, or carve them into various shapes.

The claws grow on two powerful hind legs and four smaller fore-limbs.

The whitespine possesses tiny eyes in recessed cavities. It may have good peripheral vision, but poor focus at long distances. The large nasal cavities suggest that it depends greatly on its sense of smell.

Stark white spines grow along its back, giving the creatures their name.

Shallan states that the creatures do not do well in captivity. Instead of acting aggressively as in its natural environment, the specimen Shallan observed simply lay with its eyes closed. In a captive state, a whitespine would likely go dormant in a crystal shell. The captors likely doused the specimen with water to wash away the shell.[3][4]

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Fan art by Marianne[1]


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