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Parshendi warrior concept
Fan art by Dwayne Wingert[1]

Warform gives the Parshendi (i.e., listeners) advanced physical capabilities, though it severely hampers their artistic ability and is not equipped to handle abstractions.[1] Most Parshendi that interact with the Alethi are in warform.

Another of the benefits of warform is rapid healing from injury. One could almost ignore the damage shortly after having been injured.[2]

Warform is worn for battle and reign,
Claimed by the gods, given to kill.
Unknown, unseen but vital to gain.
It comes to those with the will.

–From the Listener Song of Listing, 15th Stanza[3]

According to Eshonai, warform was a good form, versatile.[1] It had great endurance, though it required more food than any other form to keep it strong.[2]


My take on the Parshendi warform
Fan art by zandyyyyy.[2]

Parshendi in warform gain plates of chitin on their arms, shoulders, chest, head and even their fingers (i.e., an armor-like carapace). The form has no hair strands.


The form doesn't impede thought, like mateform does; as with workform, one was her/himself when s/he was in warform. However, neither form allows for the creation of art.[1]

The form does not have any effect on a Parshendi's sense of self and is not well attuned to ventures of scholarship.[1]

Transformation Process[]

The processes for this form have not yet been revealed.