Wandersail is possibly a fictitious ship, from the story of Derethil and the Wandersail, told to Kaladin by Hoid.[1]

According to Hoid in his telling of the tale, Wandersail was a majestic vessel intended to do what none had dared before: sail the seas during a highstorm. She was commissioned by King Derethil and he took her westward, into the Endless Ocean, seeking the origin of the Voidbringers. The Wandersail was nearly destroyed, shipwrecked on a ring of small islands surrounding an enormous whirlpool, where (it was said) the ocean drains. Wandersail was repaired in the local shipyards. Eventually, Derethil and his remaining crew set sail again on the Wandersail, using the momentum of the whirlpool to spin them out and away from the islands. It's unknown if Wandersail and its crew survived the trip home, but some stories say they did.[1]

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