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Voidbinding is a magic system. According to the Ars Arcanum, there are ten levels of Voidbinding, similar to the ten levels of Surgebinding. However, it is unknown whether the ten levels of Voidbinding are associated with the ten numbers and Essences like Surgebinding is.

One of the most common powers associated with Voidbinding is prophecy and foresight.[citation needed] According to the ardents, Voidbinding is a dark and evil thing and even the Heralds denounced its use.[1]

The Parshendi are able to Voidbind, but this requires "absorbing" Voidspren.[2]

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Q&A with Brandon[]

Q. The Voidbinding chart has a red ruby with two imprisoned Voidbringers who have no connection to the Voidbinding skills. Is this because they are imprisoned or are they in need of the other Voidbringers to unleash their powers like the lightnings are trying to illustrate?

A. RAFO[3]