Veristitalians are an order of scholars who try to find the truth in the past. They wish to create unbiased, factual accounts of what had happened in order to extrapolate what to do in the future.[1]

Veristitalianism is akin to atheism. Jasnah describes atheism to King Taravangian as not a disease, as he might see it, but a belief in her own abilities, her family, and those things she was taught by her parents.[2] As a Veristitalian, Jasnah does not accept the teachings of the Devotaries, yet its adherents haven't discarded a belief in right and wrong, just as Jasnah hasn't.[2]

When Taravangian insists that the Almighty determines what is right, Jasnah responds as follows:

"Must someone, some unseen thing, declare what is right for it to be right? I believe that my own morality - which answers only to my heart - is more sure and true than the morality of those who do right only because they fear retribution." [2]

Taravangian responds:

"But that is the soul of law. ... If there is no punishment, there can only be chaos." [2]

Further, Jasnah responds:

"If there were no law, some men would do as they wish, yes. ... But isn't it remarkable that, given the chance for personal gain at the cost of others, so many people choose what is right?" [2]

Taravangian assumes that people do as they do because they fear the Almighty. Jasnah refutes this, saying the following:

"I think something innate in us understands that seeking the good of society is usually best for the individual as well. Humankind is noble, when we give it the chance to be. That nobility is something that exists independent of any god's decree." [2]

Taravangian doesn't believe that anything can exist outside his god's decrees; he believes that the very definition of the Almighty means that all things exist because of him.[2]

Jasnah declares that mathematics, morality and human will are independent of the Almighty.

Taravangian responds:

"If you say that, ... then you've removed all purpose for the Almighty's existence!" [2]


"Indeed." [2]

Known VeristitaliansEdit

  • Jasnah Kholin


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