Venli Pines

Fan art by Pines[1]

Biographical information
Race Parsh
Gender Female
Status Alive
Abilities Nimbleform, Envoyform, etc.
Family Mother, Eshonai (sister)
Occupation Scholar
Appears in Words of Radiance, Oathbringer

Venli is the sister of Eshonai. She is one of the leading Parshendi scholars and performs this task while in nimbleform, as methods for attaining scholarform have been lost.

Her mother seems to suffer from some kind of dementia.[1]


She is described as "a slender woman with a thin face, her marbling delicate swirling patterns of red and white". She has long, waist-length hair with strands of deep red tied in three places.

Her eyes, in the right light, have a violet cast to them.[2]


Venli is determined to live worthy of power. If the ancient listener gods could read her mind, they would find that she was loyal.[3]

She had discovered the first Voidspren. She had discovered stormform. She had redeemed her people. She was blessed.[3]


Venli believes that if she can bond with a stormspren that, at the least, the Parshendi will have an entirely new form from which to choose; at the greatest, they will have power to control the storms and tap their energy. If the Five give her permission, she will do this personally.[1]

Further, she believes that the Everstorm will bring the listeners power ... power beyond that of even stormform.[3]



Her once-mate is Demid. Venli and her once-mate remain close, though their time as mates produced no children.[1]


Venli has held nimbleform for over three years, which is "as long as [they'd] known of the form". She is first described as being curious and slightly mocking of Eshonai's enthusiasm in pursuing peace with the humans. She suspects the humans possess Surgebinders after Eshonai's fight with Kaladin, and uses this as her defense for pursuing a new form she discovered called stormform.[citation needed]

She tricks her sister into assuming stormform, removing the final roadblock to pursuing a full aggressive war with the humans, knowing that Eshonai would be unable to control her violent urges.[citation needed]


Venli Alaeries

Fan art by Alaeries[2]

Venli is done with a life spent wasting away under human oppression. Never again will she be trapped, impotent. With this new power, she will always be able to fight back.[3]

Ulim declares that she has been chosen, that she's special, but that she must embrace the power. Welcome it. That she has to want it, or the powers will not be able to take a place in her gemhearts.[3]

Venli discovers the lightspren she names Timbre when she find's Eshonai's body. Instinctively, she hides Timbre from the Fused, and encourages the spren to hide from them as well.[4][5]

She is now in the process of bonding with Timbre, despite that she was initially reluctant to do so, thinking that the better sister with whom to bond had died. Still, Venli starts interacting with Timbre more after she learns that she's able to communicate with the spren through listener rhythms. This is why she named her Timbre.[5]


Venli seems to be on her way to becoming a Willshaper, given that after witnessing the confrontation between Dalinar and Odium at the Battle of Thaylen Field, Venli states the First Ideal of the Knights Radiant and begins the process of becoming one such.[6]


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