Veil bota

Fan art by botanicaxu[1]

Biographical information
Ethnicity Veden
Nationality Jah Kevedian
Gender Female
Status Alive
Abilities Surgebinding (Lightweaver)
Physical Description
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Dark Brown
Social Information
Aliases Shallan Davar, Radiant
Title(s) Little Knife
Occupation Ghostblood (affiliated)
Appears in Words of Radiance, Oathbringer

Veil is the alias that Shallan uses as she infiltrates the Ghostbloods, in effort (initially) to avenge the death of her father at the hands of, as yet, some unknown member(s) of the organization.[1]


Veil 'wears' straight dark hair and dark brown eyes. She dresses in a coat with pockets so as to hide her gloved safehand.[1]

While in the market in Kholinar, Veil finds a coat that is much like her old one; white and long, past her knees.[2]


Unlike Shallan, who dislikes confrontation, Veil loves it.[3]


Veil knows the importance of having something to chew on. (She offered a street urchin a meat stick, who took the offering, quickly stuffing the whole thing into his mouth.)[2]


Everything is for sale if one asks the right way.[3]


Words of RadianceEdit

Shallan, as Veil (a disguise she's Lightweaved to cover her true identity when meeting with the apparent Ghostbloods leader, Mraize), appears in a meeting with him in effort to prove herself in Tyn's 'absence', yet as her representative.[1] Veil agrees to perform a task for Mraize to begin to cement her position within the organization.[1]

This task is identified as the infiltration of Amaram's manor.[1] Drawing in Stormlight, Veil holds before her the drawing of a darkeyed maid of Amaram's she'd done previously, and breathed out, becoming the maid's build, hair, and voice.[4]

Sketchbook veil

Artwork in Shallan's sketchbook
Drawn by Ben McSweeney

Veil accessed Amaram's manor's second floor (based on drawings Shallan had done of the building from its window locations). She was later confronted by Amaram as the maidservant, Telesh (i.e., her disguise). When discovered, Veil (as Telesh), accused Hav as having stopped a messenger in delivering a message to Amaram. Veil then extricated herself from the situation.[4]

Later, at Shallan's urgency, Pattern moved into the lock of Amaram's manor's locked room and grew himself within the lock's keyhole. The lock clicked. She opened the door and slipped into the dark room. This was the 'secret room' with shutters always closed, locked at all times. This was the room the Ghostbloods wanted desperately to see because it was filled with maps. Veil has to work very quickly to get everything there in Memory.[4]

Veil then pulls off another masquerade to cover her tracks and keeps anyone from getting suspicious. She manipulates the cook into not mentioning her presence - especially to Telesh - and exits the manor.[4]

Slipping back into the messenger disguise, Veil is in the right place for Amaram to find her. She delivers her message about "her mistress" (Shallan) wanting to document Amaram’s Plate and Blade ... and she discovers that his Blade is the one once held by her beloved brother, Helaran. Amaram’s blithe description of the "assassin" and his own "counterattack," which killed the young man, is all too sickeningly vivid. All her accomplishments of the night are thus buried in the sorrow of knowing that her brother is truly dead.[4]

Veil and Pattern Cune

Veil and Pattern
Fan art by Cunegonde[2]

Shallan (as Veil) meets with members of the Ghostbloods in the Unclaimed Hills to deliver the drawings. Shallan has carefully chosen which bits of information are revealed in the drawings, but inadvertently reveals that she can draw very accurately from memory. While Mraize is impressed with the drawings, he realizes that Shallan killed Tyn and is working on her own. She is commended for this but realizes as she's dismissed that in his parting words, Mraize has given the others tacit permission to try to kill her. She creates an Illusion in which to hide and sends Pattern to use her voice to tell the carriage driver to return to the warcamp. When her Illusion dissipates, she begins the long walk back to the warcamp while practicing accents with Pattern. Their practice is disrupted by the discovery of her carriage burned, her coachman and his parshmen murdered. She continues her walk more somberly, pondering how she could have handled this so no one died.[5]


Veil KK

Fan art by kkaylium[3]

Seeking information on murders that have happened in Urithiru, Veil approaches a table of thieves in the tavern, All's Alley. She carves the symbol of the Ghostbloods into the table with her knife, gambling that the woman at the table (i.e., Betha) will know what the symbol means. She isn't certain just how secretive Mraize and his people are with their symbol, but the fact that they get it tattooed on their bodies indicates to her that it isn't supposed to be terribly secret.[3]

When Betha saw the symbol, she said that 'they' wanted nothing to do with Veil's 'group'. However, another woman at the table (i.e., Ishnah) leaned forward, interested.[3]

Still, after learning from Betha - and another - that there had been yet another mysterious double murder which had occurred near the premises, Veil left the tavern with new, if strangely familiar, information.[3]

Later, in the city of Kholinar, Veil hopes to get a feel for the people at the city's market. She needs to know how they think before she can begin to understand how the Cult of Moments has come to be, and therefore how to infiltrate it.[2]

Veil's optimism about the market fades as she witnesses fully its scope and breadth. She feels she needs to do something for the people there. That infiltrating the Cult of Moments suddenly seems too abstract.[2]


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