Jah Keved - Vedenar
Drawing by Isaac Stewart
Type City
Location Jah Keved
Inhabitants Vedens

Vedenar is the capital city of Jah Keved. It is located on the southern coast of Roshar, overlooking the Tarat Sea where the river that flows from the Horneater Peaks spills.

During the war of succession in Jah Keved, all of the Highprinces fighting for the throne converged on Vedenar. The city caught fire during the conflict and was mostly destroyed.[1]


The city had had enormous terraced formations - like plates, or sections of shalebark.[1] Since the fires, however, it was black, the buildings and palace destroyed. Now, it is a heap of rubble and ash.[1]


The people native to Jah Keved are known as Veden. They are characterized by pale skin, reddish hair, violet eyes, and are considered to be very formal around Ardents.


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