The Vanrial are an order of artists, centuries old, who lived on the slopes of the Silent Mountain in Jah Keved.[1]

For centuries the Vanrial sang the same words, songs they claimed were written in the Dawnchant by the Heralds themselves. They had the words of those songs, written in that ancient script, but the meanings of the words have been lost. Navani affirms that they're just sounds now. The songs are written out in an ancient script that has yet to be translated.[1]

Dalinar spoke a line of such script in his vision with Nohadon.[1]

Many of the classic books survived because of the Vanrial, including the full text of The Way of Kings.[2]

There is also an in-world theory that is known as the Vanrial Hypothesis. One sentence of Dalinar's vision could give scholars the key to translating the entire script.[1]


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