Biographical information
Ethnicity Jah Kevedian
Nationality Jah Kevedian
Gender Male
Status Dead
Social Information
Title(s) Brightlord, Highprince, King
Family Redin (son)
Occupation King
Appears in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance

Valam was Highprince of Vedenar and, until his death, was King of Jah Keved.[1][2] House Davar is aligned to him.


Highprince Valam was a major combatant in Jah Keved's war of succession.  Although he was eventually able to defeat opposing factions and become the king of Jah Keved, succeeding Hanavanar, the city of Vedenar was torched and he became grievously ill.  When King Taravangian arrives after the final battle and has his doctors treat the wounded, the two kings meet.  Valam makes Taravangian his heir, and then orders his bastard son, Redin, to kill him so he can die an honorable death.[2]

"So the night will reign, for the choice of honor is life ... ."

Death Rattle from King Valam[2]

Upon his death, a Shardblade appeared from vapor beside his bed, then thumped to the floor of the wagon in which he'd been transported. Nobody reached for it.[2]


Lighteyed Valam's son Redin's mother is an unknown darkeyed woman. This heritage caused Redin to be born dual-eyed, with one eye light and the other dark.[3]

This description is so rare and is the apparent trait of a lighteye interbreeding with a darkeye. The condition is known as heterochromia.[1]

Lighteyed Graves married a darkeyed woman and had a son with her who displays the same condition.[4]


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