Uvara, the People of the Great Abyss, lived on a group of islands to the west of Roshar, ringing a great whirlpool to where the ocean drains, which were discovered by King Derethil.[1]

According to the story Hoid tells, the Uvara always seemed in agreement. From childhood, there were no questions. Each and every person went about his duty. The people were ruled by an emperor who would not tolerate anything less than perfection, which led to frequent outbursts of violence towards anyone who failed to uphold the emperor's rules.[1]

When Derethil and the crew of the Wandersail crashed on their island, the Uvara nursed the crew back to health and rebuilt their ship in their shipyard. When Derethil discovered and revealed that the Uvaran emperor was, in fact, dead and had been for some time, the entire island was cast into chaos, as the Uvara began to burn homes, riot, or fall to their knees in torment, forced to take responsibility for all the deaths they had blamed on the emperor.[1]

Nafti, the Uvaran guide and caretaker of Derethil and his crew, joined them in their escape from the island, possibly returning to Roshar with them.[1]


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