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Gender Female
Hair color Reddish Brown
Eye color Hazel
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Friends Everyone!
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Actual profession Fine Art Model
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I'm Synthetique11 on site, but you can call me Synth. I'm the Admin here, so if you ever need help with anything, please just respond and will address your issue/question/concern to the best of my ability. I endeavor to work with all contributors to this wikia in effort to improve it al

Personal Information[]

I'm a former copy editor for a college newspaper; a former booking coordinator for fine art models at the same college; a poet/lyricist; a former performing musician (percussionist/vocalist); a former instructor of West African hand-drumming; a photographer; a former grant writer; and, a fine art model.

Originally from the Connecticut River valley of central Vermont/New Hampshire, I've lived in central, coastal/mountainous California for the past 30+ years. I'd probably be the proverbial 'crazy cat lady' if given the opportunity, but currently have only 3 indoor cats and 1 outdoor. I adopted the 3; the other 1 adopted me.

Editing Pages, Requesting Changes[]

If you have any questions with regard to editing pages, please don't hesitate to ask them of me. If you'd like me to target a specific page or pages for clean-up or referencing, please provide me with the link(s) to said page(s) and I'll attend to it. If you'd like me to expand a template to accommodate more information (if possible), I'll get inside it. If you'd like me to add a photo to a page/gallery, please provide me wth the link to the image so I can determine its title, artist and artist's website to credit her/him, given that the image doesn't already appear on the wikia.