Stormlight Archive Wiki

My name is Mor. I am fan of the series. I became an admin here in 2012 and hope to help build this wiki up. I'll be focusing on the technical side If you need any help or input, please feel free to post them on my talk page.

Overall you are encouraged to Be bold and take initiative. If there is something you don't like or disagree with, let me or others know.


Currently working on[]

  • Improve Help pages and documentation:
  • Improve Navigation
  • Need to gather good representative articles for each navbar and finalize the topics list.


  • Chronology
  • Articles: Improve structures - Make sure every page has an infobox, category etc and clean up syntax.. Starting with Characters and then locations.
  • Articles - Improve Content Make sure there are leads, add info and references.
  • Images: categorizing all of our images, tagging.


  • Need more people to copy edit from the top down all the major articles.

Useful pages[]