Chapter Epigraph Sources
Fifty-Eight As a Stoneward, I spent my entire life looking to sacrifice myself. I secretly worry that is the cowardly way. The easy way out. From drawer 29-5, topaz
Fifty-Nine If this is to be permanent, then I wish to leave record of my husband and children. Wzmal, as good a man as any woman could dream of loving. Kmakra and Molinar, the true gemstones of my life. From drawer 12-15, ruby
Sixty I worry about my fellow Truthwatchers. From drawer 8-21, second emerald
Sixty-One We can record any secret we wish, and leave it here? How do we know that they'll be discovered? Well, I don't care. Record that then. From drawer 2-3, smokestone
Sixty-Two I wish to submit my formal protest at the idea of abandoning the tower. This is an extreme step, taken brashly. From drawer 2-22, smokestone
Sixty-Three I returned to the tower to find squabbling children, instead of proud knights. That's why I hate this place. I'm going to go chart the hidden undersea caverns of Aimia; find my maps in Akinah. From drawer 16-16, amethyst
Sixty-Four The disagreements between the Skybreakers and the Windrunners have grown to tragic levels. I plead with any who hear this to recognize you are not so different as you think. From drawer 27-19, topaz
Sixty-Five Now that we abandon the tower, can I finally admit that I hate this place? Too many rules. From drawer 8-1, amethyst
Sixty-Seven This generation has had only one Bondsmith, and some blame the divisions among us upon this fact. The true problem is far deeper. I believe that Honor himself is changing. From drawer 24-18, smokestone
Sixty-Eight My research into the cognitive reflections of spren at the tower has been deeply illustrative. Some thought that the Sibling had withdrawn from men by intent - but I find counter to that theory. From drawer 1-1, first zircon
Sixty-Nine The wilting of plants and the general cooling of the air is disagreeable, yes, but some of the tower's functions remain in place. The increased pressure, for example, persists. From drawer 1-1, second zircon
Seventy Something is happening to the Sibling. I agree this is true, but the division among the Knights Radiant is not to blame. Our perceived worthiness is a separate issue. From drawer 1-1, third zircon
Seventy-Two The Edgedancers are too busy relocating the tower's servants and farmers to send a representative to record their thoughts in these gemstones. I'll do it for them, then. They are the ones who will be most displaced by this decision. The Radiants will be taken in by nations, but what of all these people now without homes? From drawer 4-17, second topaz
Seventy-Three I am worried about the tower's protections failing. If we are not safe from the Unmade here, then where? From drawer 3-11, garnet
Seventy-Four Today, I leaped from the tower for the last time. I felt the wind dance around me as I fell all the way along the eastern side, past the tower, and to the foothills below. I’m going to miss that. From drawer 10-1, sapphire
Seventy-Seven Something must be done about the remnants of Odium's forces. The parsh, as they are now called, continue their war with zeal, even without their masters from Damnation. From drawer 30-20, first emerald
Seventy-Eight A coalition has been formed among scholar Radiants. Our goal is to deny the enemy their supply of Voidlight; this will prevent their continuing transformations, and give us an edge in combat. Fromd rawer 30-20, second emerald
Seventy-Nine Our revelation is fueled by the theory that the Unmade can perhaps be captured like ordinary spren. It would require a special prison. And Melishi. From drawer 30-20, third emerald
Eighty Ba-Ado-Mishram has somehow Connected with the parsh people, as Odium once did. She provides Voidlight and facilitates forms of power. Our strike team is going to imprison her. From drawer 30-20, fourth emerald
Eighty-One We are uncertain the effect this will have on the parsh. At the very least, it should deny them forms of power. Melishi is confident, but Naze-daughter-Kuzodo warns of unintended side effects. From drawer 30-20, fifth emerald
Eighty-Two Surely this will bring - at long last - the end to war that the Heralds promised us. From 30-20, final emerald
Eighty-Three As the duly appointed keepers of the perfect gems, we of the Elsecallers have taken the burden of protecting the ruby nicknamed Honor's Drop. Let it be recorded. From drawer 20-10, zircon
Eighty-Four The enemy makes another push toward Feverstone Keep. I wish we knew what it was that had them so interested in that area. Could they be intent on capturing Rall Elorim? From drawer 19-2, third topaz
Eighty-Five Don't tell anyone. I can't say it. I must whisper. I foresaw this. From drawer 30-20, a particularly small emerald
Eighty-Six My spren claims that recording this will be good for me, so here I go. Everyone says I will swear the Fourth Ideal soon, and in so doing, earn my armor. I simply don’t think that I can. Am I not supposed to want to help people? From drawer 10-12, sapphire
Eighty-Seven Good night, dear Urithiru. Good night, sweet Sibling. Good night, Radiants. From drawer 29-29, ruby
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