The Unkalaki, commonly refered to as Horneaters, are a race of people that live in the Horneater Peaks. They have no Shardblades, but many attempts have been made to acquire one, by way of dueling a Shardbearer.[1]

Culture and CustomsEdit

They have a distinct language and customs, and refer disparagingly to the Vorin peoples of Jah Keved and Alethkar as "airsick lowlanders", attributing their oddness to having too much air to breathe. They eat the horns and shells of the creatures they catch as well as the meat, and thus are commonly referred to as Horneaters by others.

Unkalaki occupation is traditionally determined at birth. The first two sons in a household are to help produce things like food. The third son is allowed to choose a craft. The fourth son is meant for war.[1] It is unknown how later children are treated in more fertile families.

Unkalaki names are poems. For example, Rock's Unkalaki name is Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor; it is a poem about a rock his father found before he was born.

According to Rock, the Unkalaki way to settle arguments is not by fighting but by drinking and singing until one or the other involved gives up.[2]

Notable PeopleEdit

Rock is the most prominent member of this race to appear in the story.


It has been confirmed by Peter Ahlstrom that the Horneaters use a different year number than the Alethi. How the number differs has not yet been specified.[3]


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