Unclaimed Hills
Unclaimed Hills
Type Region
Location The Frostlands
Inhabitants Unknown

The Unclaimed Hills are a region of the Frostlands bordering Alethkar to the east. Once part of the Granite Kingdom, Natanatan, it is now sparsely populated, with only cities located close to the coast where Vorin rules governing the use of slaves is just a distant rumor. Its made of monotonous, rocky hills, covered with tough, retractable grasses, spiny plants, and scrub. Far into the Unclaimed Hills, highstorms are incredibly powerful.[1]

The Unclaimed Hills are now relatively empty, though they'd once been inhabited by a kingdom.[2]

In 1166, during an expedition of King Gavilar Kholin into the Unclaimed Hills, the Alethi encountered the Parshendi for the first time. This encounter lead to their discovery of chasmfiends, the source of the Parshendi's gems.[3]


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