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Fan art by sheep[1]

Biographical information
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality Tu Baylan
Gender Female
Died 1173 Ishanah [1]
Physical Description
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Social Information
Aliases The Scout
Title(s) Guard Captain, Assassin
Occupation Con-artist, Ghostblood (associate)
Appears in Words of Radiance

Tyn was foremost a con-artist and an associate of the Ghostbloods.[2][3] Shallan meets Tyn, along with her caravan, on her way to the Shattered Plains.[4][5] She helped Shallan prepare a "love scam" on Adolin Kholin, not knowing that Shallan is, in fact, already betrothed to him.[6]


Tyn was a lighteyed woman of medium height with a wiry build.[4] Her hair is black and at least shoulder length.[7]


Tyn was intent on her own interests ... always. She would've killed Shallan (without regret) given the opportunity.[citation needed]

However, Tyn often chose to have someone like Shallan - an acolyte, someone to nurture - under her wing. Shallan suspected that was at least partly because Tyn liked having someone around to impress.[3]

Tyn was insistent in that the life she lead required doing some harsh things.[3]


Tyn was raised in Tu Bayla by parents who worked as interpreters.[2]

Later, she was described by Macob as head of the guards for his caravan.[5]

She suggested to Macob that in conveying Shallan to the Shattered Plains they could use her soldiers because her own force was reduced to a handful.[5]

Later still, Tyn revealed to Shallan that she had a spanreed and a contact in Tashikk, who gathered what information he could on House Davar.[2]

More recently, she was an associate of the Ghostbloods.[3]


During a spanreed conversation, Tyn discovered that Shallan is, in fact, Jasnah Kholin's ward, while Shallan discovered at the same time that it was Tyn who sent assassins after Jasnah. Between them, a fight ensued and Shallan wound up killing Tyn with her Shardblade.*[3]

*Readers debate whether this Shardblade was Testament or Pattern.[8]