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The order's two Surges: Progression (top left),

Illumination (bottom left) and Ideal/Essence.

Truthwatchers are one of the ten orders of Knights Radiant. Truthwatchers share Surges with the orders of Edgedancers (Progression) and Lightweavers (Illumination). Paliah is the patron of this order.


Now, as the Truthwatchers were esoteric in nature, their order being formed entirely of those who never spoke or wrote of what they did, in this lies frustration for those who would see their exceeding secrecy from the outside; they were not naturally inclined to explanation; and in the case of Corberon's disagreements, their silence was not a sign of an exceeding abundance of disdain, but rather an exceeding abundance of tact.

–From Words of Radiance, chapter 11, page 6[1]


As stated above, the Truthwatchers are described as being esoteric in nature, comprised of those who never spoke or wrote about what they did. They were exceedingly secretive from the outside due to an exceeding abundance of tact, and not naturally inclined to explanation.[1]

Known TruthwatchersEdit

Immortal WordsEdit

All Truthwatchers must speak the Immortal Words of the Knights Radiant, which are a set of rules by which Radiants live. The First Ideal, identical for all orders of the Radiants, is used as their motto. Each of the Radiant orders then had an additional number of Ideals that were unique to each order. For the Truthwatchers, these Ideals are as follows:

The First IdealEdit

Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.[6]


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