Biographical information
Ethnicity Thaylen
Nationality Thaylen
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Social Information
Title(s) Captain
Family Ashlv (wife)
Occupation Sailor
Appears in The Way of Kings , Words of Radiance

Tozbek is Captain of the Wind's Pleasure. He is Thaylen. His wife is Ashlv. He has very good business connections with House Davar in Vedenar. Shallan suspects that he might be able to read, which is unseemly for a man.[1]


He is a short man. He has long white Thaylen eyebrows that curve up in a curiously stiff, spiked pattern, yet he is bald. He wears a simple knit cap and a silver-buttoned black coat. He has a scar on his jaw caused by loose tackle during rough weather.[1][2]


Tozbek sailed with Shallan aboard while she was chasing Jasnah Kholin.[1] He had offered Shallan a discount because of her father's business with him in the past.[2]

He traveled to Kharbranth to pick up Shallan and return her home, but they miss each other as she winds up in a hospital.[3]

Shallan and Jasnah both sailed with him on their way to the Shattered Plains. Upon their discovery of the santhid, whence Shallan demanded that Tozbek stop the ship and lower her down that she might better observe the creature, Tozbek objected, insisting that it wasn't advisable, that he couldn't allow it, that it was his ship. Shallan challenged his decision and Tozbek eventually relented, allowing Shallan her indulgence.[2]


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