Biographical information
Race Spren
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality Shadesmar
Gender Female
Status Alive
Abilities Nahel bonding, affording Surgebinding
Family Ico (father)
Occupation Willshaperspren
Appears in Words of Radiance (mentioned), Oathbringer

Timbre is a lightspren originally meant for - and who began bonding with - Eshonai,[1] yet later was encountered by Venli after Venli had discovered Eshonai's corpse. Instinctively, Venli hid Timbre from the Fused.[2]

Timbre is now in the process of bonding with Venli, despite that Venli was initially reluctant to do so, thinking that the better sister with whom to bond had died. Still, Venli starts interacting with Timbre more after she learns that she's able to communicate with the spren through listener rhythms. Venli names her Timbre as a result.[3]

Timbre is kept by Venli in a pouch, yet she peeks around, looking in corners and shadowed places each time Venli lets her out.[3]

Timbre floated over to her, then hovered by the window, as if to sneak out and look around outside.

"No," Venli said.

Timbre pulsed to Resolve, then inched forward in the air.

"Stay inside," Venli said to Command. "They're watching for spren like you. Descriptions of your kind, and others, have been spread all through the city."

The little spren backed away, pulsing to Annoyance, before settling in the air beside Venli.[3]


According to Eshonai, it danced around her head and shed rings of light from its cometlike form.[1]

Timbre is described as looking like a small ball of white fire that gives off little rings of light and trails a streak behind her like a comet.[3]


As Eshonai was experiencing a true form of power that had not been seen in centuries (i.e., stormform), a form given of the gods, she waved her hand as she climbed the central spire of Narak, trying to shoo away the tiny spren.[1]

She thought it to be a horrid thing and wondered why it would not leave her alone.[1]


Ico remarked upon his daughter, Timbre, abandoning her employment at the moneychangers' in Celebrant "to chase foolish dreams."[4]

Later, while in conversation with Timbre, Venli learned that Timbre's grandfather was a spren killed by the Recreance, just like Ico's father (i.e., Timbre's grandfather) had been.[5] The question remains as to whether this person is Timbre's grandfather on her father's side, or on the side of her mother.


Timbre has exhibited the ability to reside within Venli's gemheart and to capture other spren residing therein as well.[6] Doing so allows Venli to enter and exit forms of power granted by Voidspren at will.[5] It is unclear as yet by just what means Timbre does so.


It is likely that Timbre is a Willshaperspren because Venli seems to be on her way to becoming a Willshaper, given that after witnessing the confrontation between Dalinar and Odium at the Battle of Thaylen Field, Venli states the First Ideal of the Knights Radiant and begins the process of becoming one such.[6]


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