The Weeping, amongst unpredictable seasons on Roshar, is a consistent one. It marks the end of an old year, and the coming of a new one, with four weeks of constant rain. There are no highstorms during the Weeping.[1] Gemstones cannot be infused during the Weeping,[1] which can be problematic to the people of Roshar, and especially the Knights Radiant.

The Weeping is so consistent that it is used to determine people's ages.[1] However, after the Parshendi release the Everstorm, the Weeping alternately stops and restarts repetitively. It acts strange, like regular weather, rather than the long, mild highstorm it is supposed to be.[2]

Newly ensconced in Yeddaw, Lift sees the occasional pinprick of spherelight in alleys, yet it is supposed to be the Weeping, when most spheres go dun.[3]

It is common for people to go to bed earlier than they normally do during the Weeping because there aren't many spheres to light their way outdoors.[3]

Haspers, small two-shelled creatures, proliferate during the Weeping.[1]

Lightday is the single clear day in the middle of the Weeping. Every other year a highstorm arrives on Lightday, but it is otherwise free of storms. The years without the highstorm are known as Light Years.[4]

Opposite the Weeping on the Rosharan calendar is Midpeace, also when there are no highstorms.[5]


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