This page lists the point-of-view characters within The Way of Kings (i.e., those character perspectives through which the story is told).

Character Number of Chapters
Kaladin 42
Dalinar 22
Shallan 15
Adolin 10
Szeth 5
Teft 3

The rest of the pov characters received one chapter each. They are: Kalak, Cenn, Ishikk, Nan Balat, Gaz, Rysn, Axies the Collector, Baxil, Geranid, Navani, Hoid, Joshor.

A total of 18 characters have points of view in the book.
There are a total of 75 chapters + Prelude + Prologue + Epilogue + Endnote + 9 Interludes for a total of 88 in the book.

Points of View[edit | edit source]

Following is a list of chapters and the pov characters presented within them. The table is sortable, allowing the reader to find all the chapters from a specific pov character.

Chapters Character(s)
Prelude Kalak
Prologue: To Kill Szeth
Ch.1: Stormblessed Cenn
Ch.2: Honor is Dead Kaladin
Ch.3: City of Bells Shallan
Ch.4: The Shattered Plains Kaladin
Ch.5: Heretic Shallan
Ch.6: Bridge Four Kaladin
Ch.7: Anything Reasonable Shallan
Ch.8: Nearer the Flame Shallan
Ch.9: Damnation Kaladin
Ch.10: Stories of Surgeons Kaladin
Ch.11: Droplets Kaladin
Int.1: Ishikk Ishikk
Int.2: Nan Balat Nan Balat
Int.3: The Glory of Ignorance Szeth
Ch.12: Unity Dalinar, Adolin
Ch.13: Ten Heartbeats Dalinar, Adolin
Ch.14: Payday Kaladin
Ch.15: The Decoy Dalinar, Adolin
Ch.16: Cocoons Kaladin
Ch.17: A Bloody, Red Sunset Kaladin
Ch.18: Highprince of War Dalinar, Adolin
Ch.19: Starfalls Dalinar
Ch.20: Scarlet Kaladin
Ch.21: Why Men Lie Kaladin
Ch.22: Eyes, Hands, or Spheres? Dalinar
Ch.23: Many Uses Kaladin
Ch.24: The Gallery of Maps Dalinar, Adolin
Ch.25: The Butcher Kaladin
Ch.26: Stillness Dalinar
Ch.27: Chasm Duty Kaladin
Ch.28: Decision Dalinar, Adolin
Int.4: Rysn Rysn
Int.5: Axies the Collector Axies the Collector
Int.6: A Work of Art Szeth
Ch.29: Errorgance Shallan
Ch.30: Darkness Unseen Kaladin, Gaz
Ch.31: Beneath the Skin Kaladin
Ch.32: Side Carry Kaladin
Ch.33: Cymatics Shallan
Ch.34: Stormwall Kaladin
Ch.35: A Light by Which to See Kaladin, Teft
Ch.36: The Lesson Shallan
Ch.37: Sides Kaladin
Ch.38: Envisager Kaladin, Teft
Ch.39: Burned into Her Shallan
Ch.40: Eyes of Red and Blue Kaladin
Ch.41: Of Alds and Milp Kaladin
Ch.42: Beggars and Barmaids Shallan
Ch.43: The Wretch Kaladin
Ch.44: The Weeping Kaladin
Ch.45: Shadesmar Shallan
Ch.46: Child of Tanavast Kaladin
Ch.47: Stormblessings Kaladin
Ch.48: Strawberry Shallan
Ch.49: To Care Kaladin
Ch.50: Backbreaker Powder Shallan
Ch.51: Sas Nahn Kaladin
Int.7: Baxil Baxil
Int.8: Geranid Geranid
Int.9: Death Wear White Szeth
Ch.52: A Highway to the Sun Dalinar, Adolin
Ch.53: Dunny Kaladin
Ch.54: Gibletish Dalinar
Ch.55: An Emerald Broam Kaladin
Ch.56: That Storming Book Dalinar
Ch.57: Wandersail Kaladin
Ch.58: The Journey Dalinar, Adolin
Ch.59: An Honor Kaladin
Ch.60: That Which We Cannot Have Dalinar
Ch.61: Right for Wrong Dalinar
Ch.62: Three Glyphs Kaladin
Ch.63: Fear Kaladin
Ch.64: A Man of Extremes Dalinar, Adolin, Kaladin
Ch.65: The Tower Dalinar, Adolin, Kaladin
Ch.66: Codes Dalinar, Kaladin
Ch.67: Words Dalinar, Adolin, Kaladin
Ch.68: Eshonai Dalinar, Adolin, Kaladin
Ch.69: Justice Dalinar, Adolin, Kaladin, Navani
Ch.70: Sea of Glass Shallan
Ch.71: Recorded in Blood Szeth
Ch.72: Veristitalian Shallan
Ch.73: Trust Kaladin
Ch.74: Ghostblood Shallan
Ch.75: In the Top Room Dalinar
Epilogue: Of Most Worth Hoid
Endnote Joshor
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