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Point of view: Szeth
Setting: Bavland

Szeth is currently working for Makkek, who is using Szeth's skills to dominate the criminal underworld in Bavland. He is currently hunting down a rival named Gavashaw. Szeth tries to choose the way to follow his orders which involves the least killing and destruction, to do this he uses Surgebinding and his Shardblade, though he is worried that Makkek keeps asking him to do more and more dangerous things, which may mean his shardblade is discovered and people might make the connection with 'The Assasin in White'.

When Szeth enters Gavashaw's room he see's Gavashaw's head on a table, the man who killed him knows who Szeth is and has also killed Makkek to get hold of Szeth's Oathstone. Szeth is horrified to discover that he is now being commanded to kill some of the most important people in the world, and that his new master seems to understand his true potential.

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