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Point of view: Rysn
Setting: Shinovar

Rysn is uncomfortable with the terrain of the Shinovar, where she is traveling with her master, Vstim. Vstim is a trader and Rysn is learning at his side. She finds the lack of Spren, the soil, and the abundance of green grass and trees that don't try to move away from her, disturbing. (As opposed to the highstorms-torn, rocky, soil-less landscape and retreating plants elsewhere on Roshar.) Vstim, having traveled here before, is not so impressed. He reassures her and has Rysn set up a warning fabrial, a recent invention which gives warning if people approach. When the Shin party arrive, Vstim explains that amongst the Shin, the warriors are the lowest and farmers the highest. During the bartering, both parties try to make their wares seem worthless and lacking of value. (he later advises Rysn to never try to cheat a Shin and to always be forthright and honest). During the bartering it is implied that Vstim had been the one to obtain Szeth and have taken him out of Shinovar, and regretted trading him later as he was a good servant. Before they leave, Vstim has Rysn take a sample of soil and a plant, so she can practice taking care of it and learn something about the people and, therefore, be a better merchant.