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Point of view: Szeth
Setting: Bavland

Szeth is now serving a man named Took, who uses him to gain the interest of mine workers in the small towns through which they pass. As a demonstration of Szeth's total obedience, he has him do various things, such as jump up and down and cut his own arm. When he orders Szeth to kill himself, Szeth informs him that he cannot be ordered to kill himself, then returns to his own thoughts. The others are shocked at how refined his speech is, and are slightly discomfited, associating him with the lighteyes. Szeth reflects that his speech and mannerisms may well be part of the reason that his masters never keep him for long, since his masters know that he is capable of so much more than that for which they are using him, and that in many ways, he is much more refined and intelligent than they are. Szeth revels in his common labor, though, as it means that he is not being used to spill more blood.

As the night passes on and it becomes apparent that the townsfolk are no longer really listening to Took's stories, Took and Szeth leave. However, on the way out of town, Took is killed by a group of thugs, who consider selling Szeth to the slavers. Then one of them picks up Szeth's Oathstone, and he informs them of his obligation to serve them as long as they hold it. When asked for clarification, Szeth tells him that he must obey any order except to kill himself, and thinks to himself that he can't be asked to give up his Shardblade either, but the man need not know that. The man muses for a moment on the possibilities he has with such a servant.


Character Type Description
Szeth POV Took is showing Szeth off before he gets killed, then the footpads who killed Took become Szeth's new master(s).
Gavilar Mentioned (unnamed) Szeth is glad he is not being used to assassinate as he did the King.
Took Appeared Szeth's current master, is showing him off before being killed by footpads.
Ton Appeared One of the people to whom Took is showing off Szeth.
Amark Appeared One of the people to whom Took is showing off Szeth.
Avado Mentioned He found Szeth after he murdered Gavilar, and took him to Jah Keved.
Makkek Appeared (unnamed) Murders Took and becomes Szeth's new master.
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