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Point of view: Nan Balat
Setting: Jah Keved

Nan Balat, Shallan's elder brother, is torturing various small animals in the gardens of their family's estate. He reflects on how Shallan is doing most of the work to save their family, and tries to convince himself that he isn't a coward for remaining at home to manage the family estate. He admits to some resentment of Shallan, because of all of their siblings, she was the only one with whom their father never truly became angry. He is shortly interrupted in his thoughts by Tet Wikim, his younger brother, coming to find him with the announcement that they have a big problem.


Character Type Description
Nan Balat POV Is on the family's grounds thinking about their predicament.
Shallan Mentioned Nan Balat feels sorry for sending her off.
Eylita Mentioned Nan Balat hasn't told her of his liking for hurting insects.
Jasnah Mentioned Shallan was sent to become her ward, then to rob her.
Brightlord Davar Mentioned (unnamed) Nan Balat thinks of him as having a brutal temper.
Asha Jushu Mentioned Their father drove him to vice.
Tet Wikim Appeared Comes running up to Nan Balat saying they have a problem.
Helaran Mentioned Nan Balat wished he hadn't died.
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