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Ten people, with Shardblades alight, standing before a wall of black and white and red.

–Collected on Jesachev, 1173, 12 seconds pre-death. Subject: one of our own ardents, overheard during his last moments.

Point of view: Kaladin
Setting: Sadeas's warcamp, the Shattered Plains

Kaladin has now been a member of the bridge crews for somewhere between two to four weeks. Of the twenty-five who survived his first bridge run, only one other man is still alive.

A few new arrivals are brought in, and Kaladin sees a young boy who reminds him of Tien. In general, Kaladin is handling the transition to life as a bridge crew member poorly, snapping at Syl and becoming despondent. Syl leaves, unable to continue watching him in his current state.

The bridge crews are called on another run, and the boy who reminded him of Tien is killed, as well as the only remaining man from Kaladin's first bridge run. Kaladin thinks to himself that he's dead inside, then begins to cry.


Character Type Description
Kaladin POV Kaladin is becoming used to his life as a bridgeman in Bridge Four. At the end of the chapter he breaks down and cries.
Syl Appeared Tries to keep Kaladin's spirit up. When she fails, she decides to leave.
Gaz Appeared Receives more new bridgemen.
Lirin Mentioned (unnamed) Kaladin thinks of some of his father's sayings.
Laresh Appeared Soldier delivering new bridgemen to Gaz.
Tien Mentioned Kaladin thinks one of the new recruits looks like his brother, Tien.
Cenn Mentioned Kaladin thinks about some of the people he has failed.