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I’m cold. Mother, I’m cold. Mother? Why can I still hear the rain? Will it stop?

–Collected on Vevishes, 1172, 32 seconds pre-death. Subject was a lighteyed female child, approximately six years old.

Point of view: Kaladin
Setting: Sadeas's warcamp, the Shattered Plains

Kaladin and the rest of the slave caravan have arrived at the Shattered Plains, specifically at the warcamp of Highprince Sadeas. The warcamp is large with signs of long occupation. Kaladin notes the unruly, disorderly-looking soldiers and this leaves him disappointed at the state of the army he is to join. However, he decides that even if it isn't what he hoped for, fighting for an army again could give him something to live for. They are taken to a lighteyed woman who is to decide whether she can use any of the slaves or not. When Kaladin tries to convince her to let him fight, Tvlakv tells her that Kaladin is a deserter, thereby dashing his hopes.

The woman decides that Kaladin and his companions are to be made members of the bridge crews. Kaladin and his new immediate superior, Gaz, take an instant dislike to each other and, as a result, Kaladin is placed in one of the worst locations on the bridge when they are called on a bridge run, without the benefit of shoes or vest for protection. He notices Highprince Sadeas wearing red Shardplate as he's riding across the bridge and mistakes him for King Elhokar.

After several hours of agonizing running, they arrive at the final chasm, where the Parshendi are waiting on the other side. They take heavy fire while placing their bridge. Kaladin is the only survivor in the front row, however, and he falls unconscious straight after.

He wakes up several hours later when the windspren who's been following him shocks him with her energy. Kaladin realizes that if he doesn't hurry, he will be left. The spren tells him that her name is Sylphrena, or Syl.

Although he's exhausted, Kaladin is told that if he doesn't help carry the bridge back, he will be left. By Gaz's response to Kaladin's reappearance, he assumes that Gaz expected him to die. He takes a spot on the bridge and begins the long way back to camp.


Character Type Description
Kaladin POV Sold to become a bridgeman in Bridge Four, and goes on his first run.
Tvlakv Appeared He sells the slaves to become bridgemen.
Gavilar Mentioned Kaladin sees signs that the army has been there since his death.
Bluth Appeared Tries to act professionally around real soldiers.
Tag Appeared Tries to act professionally around real soldiers.
Hashal Appeared Buys the slaves off Tvlakv.
Amaram Mentioned Kaladin tells Hashal he used to be in his army.
Lamaril Mentioned Hashal sends a message to him and Gaz that Kaladin is to have special treatment.
Gaz Appeared Takes a dislike to Kaladin and tries to get him killed on the bridge run.
Sadeas Appeared Kaladin is sold into his army and sees him on the bridge run.
Syl Appeared Saves Kaladin's life and tells him her name.
Elhokar Mentioned (unnamed) Kaladin mistakes Sadeas for the King.
Dalinar Mentioned If it was the King Kaladin saw, it would have meant being in Dalinar's army.
Taln Mentioned One of the other bridgemen prays to him.
Tien Mentioned Kaladin thinks about how much he'd like the rock formations.
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