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I have seen the end, and have heard it named. The Night of Sorrows, the True Desolation. The Everstorm.

–Collected on the 1st of Nanes, 1172, 15 seconds pre-death. Subject was a darkeyed youth of unknown origin.

Point of view: Shallan
Setting: Kharbranth

Shallan Davar meets Jasnah Kholin for the first time, noting her regal, unexpected beauty as well as recognizing her Soulcaster bound to her wrist. Jasnah is walking with Taravangian, King of Kharbranth, discussing some matter having to do with the Ardents and the Devotaries.  Jasnah agrees to see what can be done and motions for Shallan to join them while Taravangian leads the way.

As they walk, Jasnah allows Shallan to petition her and tests Shallan's level of education in various sciences. Shallan feels vastly unprepared and is barely able to answer Jasnah's questions. As a result, Jasnah seems unimpressed with Shallan's knowledge. She does, however, seem impressed by Shallan's drawing and writing abilities. Nevertheless, Jasnah belittles the importance of these skills compared to knowledge in history, science and philosophy. Shallan begins to lose hope, especially after learning that she is the twelfth woman to petition Jasnah for wardship this year alone.

The party arrives at their destination, a small corridor in which a large chunk of rock had fallen from the ceiling, blocking the passage. It had been knocked loose during the highstorm, and behind it several people were trapped, including the King's granddaughter. Jasnah agrees to remove the rock in exchange for access to the Palanaeum. Jasnah touches the stone, reaching into it, and soulcasts the rock into smoke, allowing the rescue of the people and granddaughter.

Jasnah rejects Shallan's petition to become her ward due to her lack of education in history and philosophy. Shallan realizes that she can't give up, because she has to become Jasnah's ward so she can steal her soulcaster.


Character Type Description
Shallan POV Shallan finds Jasnah.
Jasnah Appeared She quizzes Shallan and rescues the King's granddaughter.
Elhokar Mentioned (unnamed) Jasnah is sister to the King.
Lin Davar Mentioned (unnamed) Shallan thinks about her father's soulcaster.
Taravangian Appeared He asks Jasnah to rescue his granddaughter.
Taravangian's granddaughter Appeared (unnamed) Rescued by Jasnah.
Tormas Mentioned A Logicmaster whose works Shallan has read.
Nashan Mentioned A Logicmaster whose works Shallan has read.
Niali the Just Mentioned A Logicmaster whose works Shallan has read.
Nohadon Mentioned  A Logicmaster whose works Shallan has read.
Placini Mentioned A Logicmaster of whom Shallan has not heard.
Gabrathin Mentioned A Logicmaster of whom Shallan has not heard.
Yustara Mentioned A Logicmaster of whom Shallan has not heard.
Manaline Mentioned A Logicmaster of whom Shallan has not heard.
Syasikk Mentioned A Logicmaster of whom Shallan has not heard.
Shauka-daughter-Hasweth Mentioned A Shin Logicmaster of whom Shallan has not heard.
Barlesha Lhan Mentioned The sole Historian whose works Shallan has read.
Fabrisan Mentioned Had 'Fabrisan's Conundrum' named after him.
Malise Gevelmar Mentioned Shallan's stepmother recently passed away.
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