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I’m dying, aren’t I? Healer, why do you take my blood? Who is that beside you, with his head of lines? I can see a distant sun, dark and cold, shining in a black sky.

–Collected on the 3rd of Jesnan, 1172, 11 seconds pre-death. Subject was a Reshi chull trainer. Sample is of particular note.

Point of view: Kaladin
Setting: Slave caravan on route to the Shattered Plains

Kaladin, recently branded and bleeding, sits helpless in one of the slave wagons after a futile attempt at escape. The windspren that has been following him around asks him why he doesn't cry like the other slaves, to which he responds that crying wouldn’t change anything. Kaladin is puzzled at the spren's irregular behavior.

Eventually, the caravan carrying the slaves stops and Kaladin realizes that the caravan leader, Tvlakv, is lost. Assuming Kaladin had been to the Shattered Plains before when he was with the Alethi army, Tvlakv asks him if he knows the surrounding lands. Kaladin asks if he can see the map (their only copy), and then quickly shreds it into small pieces. While furious at first, Tvlakv accepts the fact and doesn't punish Kaladin, accepting that he has just made himself valuable. Tvlakv seems to know why Kaladin has become a slave, and tells him he should not make trouble. Tvlakv says he is willing to keep this knowledge secret.

A highstorm comes and goes, and the two guards for Tvlakv open up the wagon's covers to clean off the slaves so they sell better. The windspren continues to talk with Kaladin as they travel along. Kaladin suddenly sees large army encampments on the horizon, and realizes that they have arrived at their destination.


Character Type Description
Kaladin POV Realizes he has reached the Shattered Plains.
Sylphrena Appeared (unnamed) Windspren. Strikes up a conversation with Kaladin.
Tvlakv Appeared Slaver. Informs Kaladin he knows the truth about him.
Bluth Appeared Mercenary working for Tvlakv.
Tag Appeared Mercenary working for Tvlakv.
Amaram Mentioned Tvlakv tells Kaladin he knows all about Amaram.
Elhokar Mentioned (unnamed) The slaves see the King's army.
Roshone Mentioned Kaladin thinks about previous lighteyes he encountered.
Katarotam Appeared Kaladin thinks about previous lighteyes he encountered.
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