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Point of view: Kaladin
Setting: Hearthstone, five-and-a-half years ago

Kaladin decides that he is going to be a soldier after all.  Kal and his father, Lirin, attend what is assumed to be an awkward dinner with Brightlord Roshone.  The aim is to confront the Brightlord about his apparent blacklisting of the family.  The Brightlord believes that, despite evidence to the contrary, Lirin stole spheres from the former Brightlord of the area, Wistiow.  He is willing to exert his will upon the the town and starve the family until he gets Wistiow's spheres.

After being sent to the kitchen for more childish food, Kal laments that his father may be a coward after all.  There he sees Roshone's son, Rillir, and Wistiow's daugher, his childhood friend Laral.  Rillir demands that Kal fetch them food.  Kal refuses, looking to Laral for support but she does not offer it.  After being forced to defend his father's honor and profession infront of them, Kal decides he does want to be a surgeon after all.

On their way home, Kal finds out that his father is not a coward as he feared and that Lirin did steal the spheres.  It was an effort to replace the opportunities his family was going to lose when Wistiow died.  Roshone is actually an outcast among lighteyes and is in need of funds.  Kal decides he now wants to be called "Kaladin" and he will use his education to learn how to stand-up to the lighteyes as his father did.

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