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Taking the Dawnshard, known to blind any creature voidish or mortal, he crawled up the steps crafted for Heralds, ten strides tall apiece, toward the grand temple above.

Point of view: Shallan
Setting: Bathing Chamber; the Ralinsa

Shallan attends Jasnah during her daily bath.  The two discuss Gavilar and the Parshendi again and ponder if the treaty was required for the procurement of gemhearts, shardblades, or incorporating Parshendi into the kingdom to gain better access to the shardblades.  Shallan almost steals Jasnah's fabrial from the pile of clothes.  As she is convincing herself that now is the right time, Jasnah compliments her progress as a student and the moment is lost.

To Shallan's delight, Jasnah suggests a change of subject but she is soon disappointed when the subject turns out to be philosophy.  Jasnah endeavours to illustrate the merits of philosophical study by taking Shallan out on a late night walk.  She picks a particularly dangerous part of town and, as expected, they are accosted by four criminals.  Jasnah soulcasts all four men into oblivion.

On the way back, the two discuss whether or not Jasnah's actions were right and justified.  Shallan finds herself furious at Jasnah and while helping her mistress prepare for bed, she finally steals the fabrial.  She exchanges it with her family's now identical but dysfunctional one.

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