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They changed, even as we fought them. Like shadows they were, that can transform as the flame dances. Never underestimate them because of what you first see. -Purports to be a scrap collected from Talatin, a Radiant of the Order of Stonewards. The source - Guvlow's Incarnate - is generally held as reliable, though this is from a copied fragment of "The Poem of the Seventh Morning," which has been lost.

Point of view: Shallan
Setting: Kharbranth

Shallan goes over her plans to steal Jasnah's fabrial, including reviewing her drawings of Jasnah using it.  She finds a book Jasnah had been reading to be a collection of darkeye fairytales of Voidbringers and spirits and wonders why she would be studying it.  She is enjoying her studies with Jasnah and has to mentally remind herself that her purpose is to save her family by stealing Jasnah's fabrial.  It is revealed that Shallan's broken fabrial was sliced through the chain and metal near one gemstone on the day her father died.  She wondered why after the accident she was entrusted with saving the family.  Kabsal visits, bringing bread and jam - supposedly for Jasnah, though Jasnah hates jam - and Shallan loves it.  Kabsal explains how he will convince Jasnah that the Almighty exists by showing that the vibrations of sand on a plate to different tones arrange the sand into the layouts of several of the most ancient cities.  Jasnah shows up and brusquely rebuffs Kabsal's attempts to talk and asks if the plate can show the design of the ancient city of Urithiru, which Kabsal claims is just a fable, and he then leaves.  Jasnah asks if Kabsal has asked Shallan to steal her fabrial, which puts Shallan on edge before she realizes Jasnah does not suspect Shallan of wanting to steal the fabrial herself.