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They lived high atop a place no man could reach, but all could visit. The tower city itself, crafted by the hands of no man. - Though The Song of the Last Summer is a fanciful tale of romance from the third century after the Recreance, it is likely a valid reference in this case. See page 27 of Varala's translation, and note the undertext.

Point of view: Kaladin
Setting: The Shattered Plains

Kaladin watches Bridge Four as they practice carrying the bridge on its side. He notes that they're improving, but not very quickly. The side-carry is still very flawed, and could easily be toppled.

As he watches, a new band of recruits is led in by a soldier. Kaladin leaves Rock in charge of training Bridge Four and goes to receive the new recruits.

Gaz begins divvying up the men to various bridge crews. When none are assigned to Bridge Four, Kaladin protests, and after a brief staredown, Gaz agrees to let Kaladin pick one man for Bridge Four. Kaladin glances around the group and picks a one-armed Herdazian man, to Gaz's shock.

As they walk back, the Herdazian introduces himself to Kaladin as Lopen. Almost as soon as they arrive back at the barracks, Bridge Four is called to a plateau assault.

When the bridges arrive at the plateau, Kaladin tells Bridge Four that they are going to try their side-carry.

As the battle goes horribly wrong, Kaladin realizes the assault is doomed because of Bridge Four's actions. Kaladin is beaten and taken into custody without a fight.

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