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They were suddenly dangerous. Like a calm day that became a tempest.

–This fragment is the origin of a Thaylen proverb that was eventually reworked into a more common derivation. I believe it may reference the Voidbringers. See Ixsix’s Emperor, fourth chapter.

Point of view: Kaladin, Gaz
Setting: Sadeas's warcamp, The Shattered Plains

Kaladin takes his men on their morning exercise. Everyone participates, even the last hold-outs from before. Kaladin spies a dissatisfied Gaz staring at them from a distance.

As Gaz watches the bridge crew, he ponders if Kaladin could actually have military training, as he'd once claimed, but discards the idea. He finds Lamaril, his superior, and pays him for keeping his mouth shut about something. Lamaril complains about Bridge Four's insubordination, reminding Gaz that Highprince Sadeas maintains his edge by everyone knowing his place. Bridgemen exist for one purpose: to protect the lives of more valuable men. Gaz doubted that any of the bridgemen really understood their place in Sadeas's plans. Lamaril says that Kaladin's initiative was not welcome, and that he must die on a bridge run, and soon.

The bridgemen finish their mock bridge run and Kaladin offers words of encouragement, but he isn't happy. He can't see a way to keep his men alive; they'd taken casualties at a catastrophic rate, but Sadeas won't allow bridgemen shields. After talking with Syl, Kaladin gets an idea: to have the men carry the bridge to the side, perhaps using the thick wood as a shield. When Gaz asks Kaladin about this new carrying method, Kaladin tells him it's to work different muscles or carry the bridge back this way when there are fewer men. Gaz approves, thinking that on an actual assault, it could be a disaster for Bridge Four, which is exactly what he needs.


Character Type Description
Kaladin POV Maintains practice for Bridge 4. Discovers the side hold technique for carrying the bridges.
Bisig Mentioned The last of the bridge 4 crew to join in on the practice.
Rock Mentioned Potentially threatened Bisig to force him to join in on practice.
Teft Mentioned Potentially threatened Bisig to force him to join in on practice.
Gaz POV Observing Bridge 4. Paying off a debt to Lamaril. Facing a difficult decision.
Lamaril Appeared Collecting payments from Gaz. Conspiring to end Kaladin.
Amark Mentioned Died on a bridge run two weeks prior.
Koolf Mentioned Died on a bridge run 2 weeks prior.
Narm Mentioned Injured on a bridge run 2 weeks prior.
Peet Mentioned Injured on a bridge run 2 weeks prior.
Skar Appeared In charge of serving food for Bridge 4.
Syl Appeared Informs Kaladin of the shady conversation Gaz and Lamaril are having.
Amaram Mentioned Used a comparison for Gaz and Lamaril trustworthiness.
Moash Appeared Is assigned as a sub Squad leader by Kaladin. Confronts Kaladin as to why.
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