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The ones of ash and fire, who killed like a swarm, relentless before the Heralds.

Point of view: Shallan
Setting: Kharbranth

Shallan is having a spanreed conversation with her family back in Jah Keved. Eylita, Nan Balat's betrothed, is the one actually writing. The family members are wondering how much longer they can keep afloat without Shallan bringing the Soulcaster back. They are also worried how Shallan is doing, but Shallan is enjoying her time with Jasnah. There is another more serious issue which Nan Balat sends everyone away for, save himself and Eylita. Luesh has died, which means nobody knows how to work the fabrial. What's more, some mysterious men (likely Ghostbloods) came round demanding the Soulcaster back.

Shallan is currently studying the death of Gavilar, but is getting annoyed by the writing style that was popular among the historians at that time. Shallan has some witty banter with Jasnah which leads to Jasnah suggesting she should meet Wit. Both the women discuss the murder and try to understand why it happened, but agree that the motive still appears to be a mystery.

Their discussion is brought to an end when King Taravangian enters. After some initial small talk the king asks about Jasnah's soulcaster. During their conversation Taravangian hints at some of his darker activities. Jasnah is evasive and Taravangian says the purpose of his visit was for Shallan to sketch him.

While Shallan is sketching the discussion turns to religion and philosophy. Shallan hasn't been concentrating on the drawing, but it is accurate except for two unknown spren she accidentally drew. Shallan is shaken up by the spren she drew that she purposely crumples up the drawing and promises to draw another likeness of the King later.