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For I have never been dedicated to a more important purpose, and the very pillars of the sky will shake with the results of our war here. I ask again. Support me. Do not stand aside and let disaster consume more lives. I've never begged you for something before, old friend.

I do so now.

Point of view: Adolin
Setting: Dalinar's warcamp, the Shattered Plains

Adolin and Dalinar are watching a demonstration of a new bridge design for bridgemen so their chull-drawn bridges could get pulled over. However, it is on the verge of collapse, and the only solution is to redesign all the chull-drawn bridges instead. Adolin then gets into a discussion with his father, talking about how the Alethi will never fully leave the Shattered Plains, and what might happen to the value of gemhearts if they keep getting them at their current rate. They then move to question all the men to whom Sadeas had spoken. All protest their loyalty that they told Sadeas nothing, which Adolin notes would make Dalinar look even more guilty. Adolin doesn't understand why Dalinar needs him to go on inspections with him, unaware that Dalinar is considering stepping down as Highprince.

Point of view: Dalinar
Setting: Dalinar's warcamp, the Shattered Plains

To assist in clearing his head and thinking about things, Dalinar sets about some laboring by breaking up rocks for the latrines being built. As he's doing this, he considers if he's going mad, if he's setting a good example, what's best for his men, and if he should step down. As he's nearing a decision, he is interrupted by Navani as he's missed an appointment with her about which he had forgotten. She also informs him his spanreed is flashing from Jasnah.

Navani asks to be there for the conversation so she can talk to her daughter, and proceeds to tell Dalinar that she didn't choose to marry him because he was too intense and it frightened her. Dalinar says nothing could've happened as he wouldn't have dishonored his brother like that. He realises how long he has been smashing rocks when Adolin says he had finished his inspections hours ago, and introduces him to Danlan, whom he is courting, and is the clerk who is relaying the spanreed.

In the conversation with Jasnah, she asks him for his recollections about the first meeting with the Parshendi, specifically asking if he saw any Shardblades, and if they mentioned Voidbringers. Jasnah is cagey about what she knows, but reveals that the ancients knew of chasmfiends before.

In a conversation with Navani alone afterwards, he reveals he has made up his mind and is going to abdicate.


Character Type Description
Adolin POV Accompanies his father during camp inspections.
Dalinar POV Performs inspections of his camp. Digs a latrine while thinking about his future. Talks with Jasnah over spanreed.
Sadeas Mentioned Dalinar remarks that his bridges are much wider than the ones Sadeas's men use.
Teleb Appeared Is in charge of the construction and training of a bridge crew for Dalinar's army.
Kalana Mentioned A scribe in Dalinar's camp. She will be asked to devise a new design for a narrower bridge.
Ladent Appeared Dalinar sends him off to give a message to the fifth battalion that he will be visiting soon.
Malasha Seveks Mentioned Adolin recalls her fondly, wondering if she will be the one for him.
Danlan Mentioned If Malasha didn't work out, he was also intrigued by Danlan.
Gavilar Mentioned Dalinar tells Adolin there is much he hasn't considered, his uncles death being one of them.
Havrom Appeared Fifth Battalionlord. Meets Dalinar and Adolin for an inspection.
Tadet Appeared Dalinar assigns him the role of interviewing the men that talked to Sadeas to find out any more details.
Thanadal Mentioned He send a messenger to camp to tell Dalinar he wouldn't be attending his meeting.
Niter Appeared Intercepts a messenger sent for Dalinar, relays the message.
Hatham Mentioned Declined Dalinar's meeting in exceeding politeness.
Bethab Mentioned Let his wife decline Dalinar's meeting.
Elhokar Mentioned Dalinar admits that the king may be right in it being impossible to get the high princes to work together.
Renarin Mentioned Dalinar feels if he continues he would be putting his son's life in danger.
Navani Appeared Dalinar misses a meeting he had planned with her. She accompanies him to talk with her daughter over spanreed.
Jasnah Appeared Talks with Dalinar over spanreed about her research.
Brightlord Morakotha Mentioned Father of Danlan.
Litima Appeared Is present during the spanreed conversation with Jasnah.
Lalai Mentioned Is acting as Elhokar's clerk while Jasnah is absent.