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I am being chased. Your friends of the Seventeenth Shard, I suspect. I believe they’re still lost, following a false trail I left for them. They’ll be happier that way. I doubt they have any inkling what to do with me should they actually catch me.

Point of view: Dalinar
Setting: The Shattered Plains

Litima, one of Dalinar's scribes, is reading to him from Gavilar's copy of The Way of Kings, trying to puzzle out its meaning. However, he is still distracted by the argument he had with Adolin earlier. He gives up on trying to discern its meaning while distracted and, when returning the book to the shelf, Renarin starts up a conversation about the situation of looking at alliances with the other Highprinces.

All conversation is cut short with a horn warning of a chasmfiend, when Teleb reports that it is nearby, and to help increase the morale of his men (especially Adolin) he decides to contest it. While preparations for the assault are underway, Teleb asks Dalinar about using bridgemen to speed up the plateau assaults, but Dalinar insists that they are not used on the final assault, making their effectiveness reduced. He consents, however, to the training of a single crew.

Just as they are about to march, Sadeas arrives to begin his investigation and is allowed to come along with the assault. On the journey, Sadeas mocks him for his belief in The Way of Kings and the Alethi Codes of War. Once they reach the Plateau, he focuses on the assault. Dalinar and Adolin, as full Shardbearers, lead the assault personally by jumping the last chasm, then allowing the bridges to be placed. With the Thrill inside him, Dalinar sets about the attack and killing Parshendi. He suddenly loses the Thrill, however, and is sickened by all the death, yet he is snapped out of it by remembering the first line of the Ideals of the Radiants - 'Life before Death' - allowing him to keep fighting.

After winning the battle, Dalinar ruminates on his losing the Thrill, when suddenly he notices a Parshendi Shardbearer who arrived late. Dalinar is confused by why the Shardbearer should come now.


Character Type Description
Litima Appeared One of Dalinar's scribes; she is reading from The Way of Kings.
Dalinar POV Talks with Renarin of what he should do regarding the joint plateau assault. Leads a plateau assault but feels different than usual.
Renarin Appeared Was talking with his father before Dalinar left on a plateau assault.
Adolin Appeared Assaults a plateau with his father and their army.
Isasik Shulin Mentioned The Royal Cartographer, he re-created maps for Dalinar.
Jasnah Mentioned She had told Dalinar that The Way of Kings was once seen as masterpiece of political philosophy.
Highprince Aladar Mentioned He refused Dalinar's offer of a joint plateau assault.
Highprince Roion Mentioned He refused Dalinar's offer of a joint plateau assault.
Highprince Sadeas Appeared Goes with Dalinar on the assault, while interviewing his men for information.
Teleb Appeared Reports a chasmfiend was spotted on a nearby plateau.
Kalami Appeared Wife of Teleb, a historian of some note.
Perethom Appeared Infantrylord of Dalinar's army.
Havarah Appeared Bridgelord for Dalinar's army.
Ashelem Mentioned He sent word that the archery company was ready for battle.
Malasha Appeared Waves goodbye to Adolin as he leaves for battle.
Ilamar Appeared Cavalrylord of Dalinar's army.
Moratel Mentioned A lesser officer in Dalinar's army; he was sent to receive Sadeas.
Elhokar Mentioned He is quite eager for results of Sadeas's investigation into the cut saddle strap.
Gavilar Mentioned Dalinar quotes The Way of Kings, a book in which Gavilar had a great interest.