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Point of view: Kaladin (7 years ago)

After overhearing some of the villagers talking about how they thought Lirin's work as a healer was morbid and unnatural, and how they thought he had stolen from Brightlord Wistiow by forging his will, Kaladin goes to talk to his mother Hesina. She chides him on paying attention to idle gossip and tries to point out the people are afraid of what they don't understand.

Their conversation is cut short when Lirin calls out that the new citylord has arrived, Brightlord Roshone. As everyone rushes out to see the new lord, Kaladin is excited by the chance to see a real lighteyed hero. Whilst Roshone is wearing some old fashioned warrior's garb, he appears slightly overweight.

A silence descends before Lirin calls out to Roshone and offers to show him around. However, after finding out who he's talking to, Roshone blames him for Wistiow's death and him being stuck there. Opinions seem mixed as to whether Roshone will be a good citylord to Hearthstone.


Character Type Description
Kaladin POV Talks to his mother and assists her in his work. Goes to meet the new Brightlord.
Lirin Appeared Rumored to have stolen Wistiow's spheres. Meets the new town Brightlord.
Terith Appeared The baker's wife, Kaladin hears her spreading rumors about his father.
Relina Appeared Kaladin hears her spreading rumors about his father.
Hesina Appeared Was removing crem stalagmites while talking to Kaladin.
Wistiow Mentioned It is rumored that Lirin stole from the dying lord.
Jost Mentioned Kaladin hasn't been able to replicate the feeling he had when he fought Jost.
Tien Appeared Hesina mentions that Tien can be both Kaladin's brother and his friend. Finds a spot in the crowd to meet the new Brightlord.
Laral Mentioned Kaladin feel he should go and see her, but every time he has tried he has been turned away.
Miliv Mentioned Brightlord Wistiow's head steward, has been spreading rumors about Lirin.
Roshone Appeared Arrives with his procession, blames Lirin for him ending up in this "pitiful, miserable quarter of the kingdom.".
Gavilar Mentioned Word had spread the new lord would be like him.
Sadeas Mentioned Word had spread the new lord would be like him.
Jarel Mentioned Had once told Kaladin that killing people and fancy talking didn't always go together.
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