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Neither point makes the things I have written to you here untrue.

Point of view: Dalinar
Setting: The Gallery of Maps, the Shattered Plains

Dalinar stands in the King’s Gallery of Maps, waiting for Highprince Roion to come and meet him. Dalinar’s ultimate goal is to follow his visions by uniting the Highprinces, and he thinks he can start by working with another prince on a joint plateau assault. Since Roion has won the fewest gemhearts of all the princes, Dalinar tries to convince him that working together would be more effective. Roion is suspicious of this, because he is afraid Dalinar will take any gemhearts and Shardblades/Shardplate for himself. Dalinar compromises, saying that they will split gemhearts and that the first set of Plate can go to Roion. Roion rebuffs this offer, instead insinuating that Dalinar is growing weak and deluded by his lapses from sanity during highstorms. Roion says he’ll think about a joint assault and leaves.

Point of view: Adolin
Setting: Unknown

A few minutes later, as Dalinar is thinking about how to discover what Gavilar’s last words really meant, Adolin meets Dalinar. He asks him how the meeting went and when Dalinar tells him that it went poorly, Adolin tells him that Sadeas is asking for permission to enter their warcamp to investigate the threat to the King. Adolin is worried that he may create false evidence framing Dalinar, but Dalinar tells Adolin to allow him to do so because his vision said to trust Sadeas. At this, Adolin becomes irate, telling Dalinar that to stake the future of their house on hallucinations is folly. Adolin shouts at Dalinar that his visions are just figments of his imagination. Dalinar tells Adolin to leave.


Character Type Description
Dalinar POV Has a meeting with Highprince Roion about a joint plateau assault. Has an argument with Adolin about his visions.
Roion Appeared Has a meeting with Dalinar about a joint plateau assault. Decides to think about it.
Sadeas Mentioned Has been doing rather well on the plateau assaults recently.
The Sunmaker Mentioned Highprince Roion quotes him while talking with Dalinar.
Gavilar Mentioned Gavilar had once revered the Sunmakers name.
Adolin POV Talks to his father of his meeting with Roion. Gets in an argument about Dalinar's blind trust of his visions.
Renarin Mentioned Dalinar was hoping to give him the next Shardblade or Shardplate that was won.
Nohadon Mentioned Dalinar recalls a passage of his book.
Malasha Seveks Mentioned Yet another of Adolin's fleeting romances.
Brightlord Seveks Mentioned Father of Malasha
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