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One need only look at the aftermath of his brief visit to Sel to see proof of what I say.

Point of view: Kaladin
Sadeas's Warcamp; Shattered Plains

Kaladin lies in bed, debating whether or not to get up. Eventually, he forces himself up and realizes that the other bridgemen had all been watching to see if he would get up and continue his training routine from the previous day. Kaladin goes to check on the wounded from the previous day's bridge run. Two of them are, for the most part, fine, but one of them badly needs antiseptic.

Kaladin washes the man's wounds with water, then goes out to perform his morning training routine. While jogging with his plank, he talks to Syl. She tells him that some of his men think he's gone mad, and asks him why men lie. Kaladin is unable to give her an answer.

Gaz approaches and tells Kaladin that Sadeas has ordered that his wounded men not receive food or pay for the duration of the time they can't run bridges. Kaladin is furious, as this means that he'll have to find another way to care for them.

Kaladin goes to the men of Bridge Four and asks them to split their food with the wounded, and to contribute their pay for medical supplies. Most laugh at him and leave, but Rock agrees to share some of his food with Hobber, the man who he feels has the best chance of recovering, in return for Kaladin running the deathline in his place the previous day. Rock also reveals that he can see Syl, though she hasn't specifically revealed herself to him.

Kaladin then goes to Gaz and gets his bridge crew assigned to stone-gathering duty for the day. He convinces Rock and Teft to help him gather knobweed reeds over the course of the afternoon.


Character Type Description
Kaladin POV Continues his training, makes plans to collect antiseptic while on rock collecting duty.
Gaz Appeared Informs Kaladin that Sadeas has ordered no pay or food for the wounded bridgemen.
Leyten Appeared Was still in a serious condition after his injuries during the last bridge run.
Hobber Appeared Thanks Kaladin for saving him on the bridge run.
Lirin Mentioned Kaladin remembers his father talking about the smiles of a healed patient.
Dabbid Appeared Is almost catatonic due to battle shock from the last bridge run.
Sadeas Mentioned Says that the wounded bridgemen should no longer be fed, or paid. At least until they can work again.
Syl Appeared Talks to Kaladin about lies.
Dalinar Mentioned Is rumored to never have lied.
Amaram Mentioned Kaladin is bitter about Amaram making him so cynical towards the light eyes.
Rock Appeared Offered to split his food, but only with Dabbid because he thought he might survive.
Teft Appeared Agrees to help Kaladin with his plans to gather antiseptic.
Lamaril Mentioned He found out that Kaladin has been treating the wounded. He informs Sadeas.
Sigzil Appeared Agrees that the wounded bridgemen shouldn't be fed or paid.
Peet Appeared Agrees that the wounded bridgemen shouldn't be fed or paid.
Koolf Appeared Agrees that the wounded bridgemen shouldn't be fed or paid.
Moash Appeared Laughed when Kaladin asked them to split his pay and food with the wounded.
Bussik Mentioned The leader of bridge three, tried to convince Gaz his team was too weak to do stone gathering duty.
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