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Point of view: Kaladin
Setting: Hearthstone, seven years ago

Kaladin is performing an unexpected surgery on Miasal, a girl from his village. He had fortunately been nearby when the girl was injured. He begins working to stop her bleeding. After a short time, he succeeds, but realizes that his success was not due to his treatment but rather because the girl has died.

He leaves her father, Harl, to grieve over her, while trying to cope with the fact that he was unable to save her. His father finds him and tells him that his work had all been good, and her death wasn't Kaladin's fault. He leaves Kaladin, telling him that he'll have to learn when to care and when to let go.


Character Type Description
Kaladin POV Hastily treating a young girl with a broken leg. Talks to his father about not wanting to be a surgeon.
Lord Wistiow Mentioned It has been two months since his death.
Laral Mentioned Kaladin hadn't seen her in some time.
Harl Appeared Father of the injured girl. Angry at Kaladin.
Miasal Appeared Suffered a compound fracture in her leg and died from blood loss.
Alim Mentioned Had gone and fetched Lirin.
Lirin Appeared Was too late to save the young girl. But having inspected Kaladin's work, he praised him.
Valama Appeared Retrieved a candle to heat a knife for surgery.
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