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Ten orders. We were loved, once. Why have you forsaken us, Almighty! Shard of my soul, where have you gone?

–Collected on the second day of Kakash, year 1171, five seconds before death. Subject was a lighteyed woman in her third decade.

Point of view: Kaladin
Setting: Slave caravan traveling to the Shattered Plains, eight months after Chapter 1

Kaladin is in a slave caravan, and has been branded as a slave on account of his constant attempts to escape. He is locked up in a wagon with ten other slaves. Kaladin tries hard not to let his mind regress to the state of the others. He notices a windspren that seems to follow him. Kaladin questions his sanity as he is the only one that can see or hear the windspren which takes the shape of a woman and questions Kaladin. The men talk about how they became slaves, and ask Kaladin how he became a slave. "Failures. Crimes. Betrayals. Probably the same for most every one of us." Finally, he admits that he killed a lighteyes.

Later, Tvlakv - the slaver - stops the wagon, and with his bodyguards, begins to inspect the slaves. One of the slaves shows signs of illness, which Kaladin recognizes.  He realizes all the slave needs is some water and rest. Instead, the slave is killed, and Tvlakv states it was to protect the lives of the other slaves. Kaladin is angered by this, and accidently destroys the blackbane - a poisonous leaf - that he'd smuggled. Defeated, Kaladin gives up, the windspren still following and darting around him.


Character Type Description
Kaladin POV Notices Syl for the first time. Fails to save another slave.
Sylphrena Appeared (unnamed) A windspren begins acting oddly.
Tvlakv Appeared Slaver. Orders an ill slave killed despite Kaladin's protest.
Tien Mentioned Kaladin's brother. Kaladin thinks he failed him, and is the reason he's dead.
Dallet Mentioned Kaladin thinks he failed him, and is the reason he's dead.
Taran Appeared Serving boy tending the chulls.
Tukks Mentioned He is dead.
Miasal Mentioned (unnamed) She is dead.
Bluth Appeared Kills the slave who is ill.
Lirin Mentioned (unnamed) Kaladin's father. Kaladin remembers some of his teachings.
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