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Ati was once a kind and generous man, and you saw what became of him. Rayse, on the other hand, was among the most loathsome, crafty, and dangerous individuals I had ever met.

Point of view: Adolin, Dalinar
Setting: The Shattered Plains

Adolin is out walking with Janala, the woman he is currently courting. He visits the leatherworkers who were inspecting the strap from Elhokar's saddle, and they tell him that the strap was almost certainly cut, but it's possible it was a buckle from the saddle itself that sliced it. A horn is sounded, signaling that a chasmfiend has been spotted close enough for Dalinar's men to attempt to reach it first. Adolin is disappointed when Dalinar elects not to seek it.

Meanwhile, Dalinar is working with several of his scribes in attempting to manipulate the other Highprinces into following Elhokar in truth. Teshav, the wife of one of his officers, questions the number of troops Dalinar has set patrolling. Dalinar instructs her to set more patrolling anyway. Renarin comes to talk to Dalinar, and Dalinar promises him that if he captures a new suit of Shardplate and a Shardblade, they will go to Renarin, to help compensate for his blood weakness and allow him to fight like any other man.

Adolin seeks out Kadash, an ardent to ask his opinion on Dalinar's visions. Janala leaves him, growing frustrated with his lack of attention. Kadash expresses the opinion that Dalinar is either going insane, or the visions are just particularly vivid products of his own mind.

Dalinar visits Elhokar, making his reports for the day. While there, he asks Elhokar how long he intends to continue the war, then suggests that Elhokar consider withdrawing. Elhokar is shocked that Dalinar would even consider an end to the Vengeance Pact. Dalinar eventually backs down, instead saying they need a new approach, a way to win the war instead of simply trying to outlast the Parshendi. Dalinar suggests that Elhokar appoint him Highprince of War and Elhokar tells him he'll consider it.

Dalinar meets up with Renarin, intending to ride back to their camp. However, before they can get there, they are forced to take shelter in one of their own barracks to avoid a highstorm. They barely make it inside before the storm hits.


Character Type Description
Yis Appeared A leatherworker that inspects the cut saddle strap.
Adolin POV Investigates the cut saddle strap. Ignores his lady companion. Seeks religious insight into his fathers seizures.
Avaran Appeared A leatherworker that inspects the cut saddle strap.
Elhokar Appeared Meets with Dalinar to discuss the cut saddle strap and the idea of a new war strategy.
Janala Appeared Accompanies Adolin for the day as he investigates the cut saddle strap. Leaves him quite angrily.
Tibon Appeared Member of the Cobalt Guard.
Marks Appeared Member of the Cobalt Guard.
Falksi Appeared Janala's handmaiden. Insists her mistress should be using a palanquin.
Dalinar POV Meets with Elhokar to discuss a new war strategy. Seeks cover in a nearby barracks when a highstorm starts.
Gavilar Mentioned Used in reference to his following of the codes and erratic behavior near the end of his life.
Sadeas Mentioned A chrysalis had been spotted on a plateau close enough for him to strike at.
Teshav Appeared One of the Kholin scribes. Is told to write documents to reduce soulcaster prices for Highprinces that pay the tenets of war.
Jasnah Mentioned Dalinar wishes she was back in camp to be his personal scribe because he can fully trust her.
Brightness Kholin Mentioned People have urged Dalinar to re-marry. He refuses because he hates the idea of replacing her.
Renarin Appeared Accompanies his father. Argues with Dalinar that he feels useless.
Aladar Mentioned Has begun talks of taking short vacations back to Alethkar.
Thanadal Mentioned Has not been paying the tenets of war on time.
Hatham Mentioned Has not been paying the tenets of war on time.
Vamah Mentioned Has not been paying the tenets of war on time.
Wit Mentioned He had been right about underestimating Renarin.
Kadash Appeared Talks with Adolin about his fathers visions.
The Sunmaker Mentioned He made a point of investigating and interrogating the Priests of the Heirocracy.
Ruthar Appeared Was waiting to see the king. Was annoyed that Dalinar has constant access to him, yet he had to wait.
Nohadon Mentioned Elhokar mentions that Dalinar had been reading his book again.
Elthebar Mentioned A Stormwarden who had said there wasn't to be a storm today.
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