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You do not agree with my quest. I understand that, so much as it is possible to understand someone with whom I disagree so completely.

Point of view: Adolin, Dalinar
Setting: The Shattered Plains

Adolin is overseeing the cleanup four hours after the chasmfiend attack while the group waits for a bridge crew to come, replacing the bridge the chasmfiend destroyed in its rampage. He reflects that many of the other lighteyes are treating Dalinar slightly more respectfully and carefully after his earlier rescue of Elhokar, and thinks to himself that it can't last. Having finished his rounds, he approaches Elhokar's pavilion to give his final casualty report.

In the pavilion, Elhokar chides Dalinar for not making serious efforts to win gemhearts, comparing him to Sadeas. Eventually, the conversation deteriorates to taunting, until Adolin calls Sadeas a coward. Sadeas in turn calls Renarin useless, nearly sparking a duel and possibly a war then and there, until he retracts his statement. Wit appears and taunts Sadeas for a while before actually praising Renarin's intelligence.

Adolin and Dalinar then go to examine the strap of Elhokar's saddle to see if it could have been cut. Adolin questions this until he realizes that Elhokar believes that the strap was cut as an assassination attempt, at which point he remarks on Elhokar's increasing paranoia. Dalinar tells Adolin to take the strap to a leatherworker to examine, to talk to the grooms about the saddle, and to double the King's guard. Adolin wonders whether Sadeas would attempt it. Dalinar then approaches Highprince Vamah, manipulating him into making greater use of Elhokar's Soulcasters, insuring continued income for Elhokar.

Sadeas approaches Dalinar to ensure the success of the manipulation, and Adolin realizes that the two of them had planned the entire thing between them. After a brief argument, Adolin and Dalinar leave. Dalinar then tells Adolin that though he hates Sadeas, he's certain that he wouldn't hurt Elhokar. Dalinar reveals that Sadeas was the decoy the night of Gavilar's assassination, attempting to lead Szeth away so Gavilar could escape. He then tells Adolin that Sadeas has sworn to protect Elhokar at any cost, then further discusses Gavilar's assassination.

Elhokar approaches, asking if they've learned anything about the saddle. He and Dalinar then begin arguing, Elhokar insisting that someone is trying to kill him and Dalinar insisting that Elhokar is simply overreacting. Elhokar leaves, and Dalinar sends Adolin to prepare the soldiers to move. As he begins to make his way back to camp, Dalinar reflects on his failure to determine the meaning of Gavilar's last words and his desire to protect Elhokar.


Character Type Description
Adolin POV Assists in the investgation of the cut saddle strap. Gets in an argument with Sadeas.
Dalinar POV Begins investigating the cut saddle strap. Manipulates Higprince Vamah to keep using the King's Soulcasters.
Sadeas Appeared Taunts Dalinar by insulting Renarin. Assists in the manipulation of Highprince Vamah.
Elhokar Mentioned Chides Dalinar for not winning any gemhearts. Urges investigation of possible assassination attempt.
Shshshsh Mentioned Adolin had inherited his looks from his mother.
Gavilar Mentioned Thoughts that vengeance for Gavilar had been forgotten for the competition for the gemhearts.
Vamah Appeared Dalinar reminds him that the King is generous in allowing access to the Soulcasters.
Renarin Appeared Is insulted by Sadeas and complimented by Wit.
Wit Appeared Made a mockery of Sadeas although claimed that it wasn't a particularly difficult feat.
Roion Mentioned Adolin is to find out if Highprince Roion is still bitter about Wit's insult.
Talata Mentioned Adolin is to get her to go over the chull contracts with Highprince Bethab.
Navani Mentioned Highprince Bethab has become bold since she left.
Gavilar Mentioned As a reference to when Elhokar becomes paranoid with fear of assassination.
Jasnah Mentioned She and Dalinar weren't sure what to think of the changes in Gavilar when he started to follow the Codes.
Aesudan Mentioned It is mentioned she manages Elhokar's affairs back in Alethkar.
Nohadon Mentioned (unnamed) Dalinar recalls the story of Nohadon walking accross his kingdom.
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