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Point of view: Kaladin
Setting: Hearthstone, nine years ago

The ten-year-old Kal (as he still prefers to be called) comes late to the surgery of the young woman Sani, whose hand is badly mangled. He has a short discussion with his father, Lirin, about the Knights Radiant before they start working. Kal notices that Sani's third finger will have to be amputated. After the surgery, Lirin notes that Kal still has to work on his nerves. He then wants to know where Kal was. Kal tells him that he and Tien went to see what Jam had learned from his father in working with the quarterstaff. This soon turns into an argument about Kal wanting to become a soldier. Kal then wants to know who tells stories about surgeons and his father answers that the families of the saved do so. Lirin sighs, asks his son some questions about sicknesses and remedies, then tells him that he should go to Kharbranth to learn surgery there.


Character Type Description
Kal (young Kaladin) POV Nine years ago, helping his father in surgery.
Lirin Appeared Is training Kal to be a surgeon.
Sani Appeared The girl who is undergoing surgery.
Hesina Mentioned Kal's mother. She works as Lirin's assistant on the life threatening cases.
Hammie Mentioned Someone from Hearthstone who doesn't think deathspren are afraid of water.
Tien Mentioned Sani's family will give a donation which will continue to feed Tien.
Jam Mentioned Kal went to try and learn the quaterstaff from him.
Jam's father Mentioned A soldier in Amaram's army, he has a lame leg.
Amaram Mentioned Kal thinks of him as a lighteyed hero.
Wistiow Mentioned Kal does not think of him as a 'real' lighteyes.
Gavilar Mentioned Lirin thinks that the king always seems to find people to fight.