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The Tower
Battle at the tower
Drawing by Isaac Stewart
Type Plateau
Location Shattered Plains, Roshar

The Tower is the largest plateau in the east of the Frostlands's Shattered Plains on Roshar. It is one of the closest plateaus to Parshendi territory. None of the Alethi highprinces have ever captured a chasmfiend's gemheart there, and the Parshendi always bring at least ten thousand troops to battle there.

Battle of the Tower[]

The battle of the Tower is a large engagement between the Parshendi and the combined forces of Sadeas and Dalinar. Sadeas begins the assault and Dalinar's forces join later. After Dalinar's forces are fully engaged, Sadeas's forces withdraw, taking all of the bridges with them and leaving Dalinar, Adolin and the rest of his forces to be killed by the Parshendi.[1][2]

Kaladin and Bridge Four retreat with Sadeas's forces, but manage to fall behind, with the original intention of escaping to freedom. However, Kaladin eventually decides to return to the Tower and attempt a rescue. Kaladin's powers manifest themselves and he is able to lead a successful bridge run and ultimately rescue Dalinar and his forces.[2][3]

Of the 8,000 troops Dalinar had when the battle began, 2,653 remained after its end.[4]

Q&A with Brandon[]

Q. In the battle of the Tower, Eshonai is fighting Dalinar. Dalinar removes his helm and she recognizes him. She acts like she wants to speak with him. Possibly to negotiate. If Kaladin hadn't shown up and saved him, what would have happened?

A. There's a chance they would have worked it out. Not a really good one, but there's a chance.[5]