The Thrill is a heady euphoria described differently given the situation in which a combatant is involved.[1][2] It is a feeling experienced by an individual and, likely, each individual's interpretation of it is unique.

Men didn't often speak of the Thrill, the joy and lust for battle. It was a private thing.[1]

Seemingly, The Thrill 'sings' within the combatant's mind and provides him with focus and a sense of glory, thereby affording him the internal confidence to persevere, even in the face of deadly adversarial conflict.[3]

Knights Radiant are immune to the Thrill's effects, and are often racked with feelings of disgust and nausea if it starts to come upon them.[citation needed]

The Thrill, as always, is fleeting once battle itself has ended.[2] A dull sense of nothingness follows. Also, pain from injury surges as the Thrill fades.[4]

Until Taravangian's takeover of Jah Keved, it seemed as if the Thrill was largely focused in Alethkar. Now, it appears to be moving westward, into Jah Keved and beyond.[citation needed]


For Dalinar, as a young soldier, the Thrill began as an emotion that stirred inside him like a fire that filled the pit within. It washed through him and awakened him, bringing clarity.[4]

It thrummed inside him as the pulse of battle, the rhythm of killing and dying. It drove away the pain of injury, let him focus.[4]


The Thrill seems to be connected to a Voidspren known as Nergaoul.[5]

According to Taravangian, the Thrill only affects people who are in a certain proximity to Nergaoul.[6]

Types of ThrillsEdit

There exist the Thrill of Contest and the Thrill of Battle,[7] of which readers know. It is possible that more 'Thrills' will be made known to readers in the coming novels within The Stormlight Archive.


The Thrill and the Death Rattles started around the same time, but the locations for the two fluctuate and have been since they appeared.[8]


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